23 Popular Free Gift Card Codes Generator (Unused 2020)

Life is full of surprises with twist and turns, and being happy is about how we make others happy. As we all know, our life filled with people who we love and things we appreciate like a gift. Nothing makes us happier and joyful like gifting your loved one with a surprise. You can’t get the expression and emotions when they start to unwrap your gift. It just a most precious feeling for anyone! That’s the best thing about gifts, true happiness with love. There are millions of stuff’s out there in online where you can able to find the best gifts online, but most of them are regular ones we already knew. So try to be different this time and surprise your loved one with gifts from the best gift card generator online.

What is a gift card generator?

Before we get into our 30 most popular free gift cards of all time, you need to know how the gift card generators can help you find the best gifts that you need. With increasing the number of tech and smartphone users around the world, we are now attached to our tech gadgets. Each gadget comes with premium subscriptions and add-ons, which users can buy it from online. For example, Spotify is a well know music streaming platform with free to use the app, but also, there is a premium option to enjoy the high-quality streaming and all new albums before anyone else. So, if you got someone, who listen to music forever, it’s the best option you can give them the unlimited Spotify premium subscription as a gift in their special day.

Even though there are hundreds of free gift card generators online and few spammy websites include, there is one place you can get the most authentic premium digital gift cards for free, which is Gift Card Prizes. In Giftcardprizes.cool, more than thousands of gift cards and coupon codes for all those premium apps in the play store and app store.

Here you can get any of the following gift cards for free:

  • Music streaming apps
  • Movie Streaming apps
  • Gaming platforms
  • Online shopping coupon codes
  • Physical store coupon codes
  • Movie tickets

And many more. These gift cards will be updated regularly and added new apps every day. Finally, all these gift cards and coupon codes all for free of cost and no additional pay or signup required. With more than thousands of members and users benefiting from these gift cards and helping others to promote as well. So if you are one of them, then it’s time to get one yours right now from these 23 most popular free gift cards of all time.

List of Most Popular Free Gift Cards

1. Amazon

Amazon Free Gift Card Generator

The days of long waited lines for buying something from a store, and looking for the exact change is all gone. Amazon, an online platform for everything from A to Z. More than millions of products are daily listed and sold across the world. You can just download the app, find something you need, and place your order, from the day order is placed it will be dispatched and delivered within 2-3 days. Amazon made it possible that anyone can buy anything from another part of the world. Users can pay with credit, debit, net banking, and coupon or gift cards from online. With a more extensive option, it is much simpler and more cost-saving features available for every user.

Users can also use coupon codes and gift cards to save their total amount to pay for a product. In giftcardprizes.com, we have the free gift card generator amazon and save you ton of money in purchasing a product. We have three types of gift cards available, like $10, $25 and $50. So the next time you proceed to place an order, keep in mind these free gift cards can help you save a lot of money and time. Also, it is all legit gift cards and if you not, you can able to generate as many you want. Just click the “start generate” button, and it will throw you all the premium gift cards codes within a second. Just enjoy it!

Free Unused Amazon Gift Card Codes Generator

2. Steam

Steam Free Gift Card Generator

If you are a 90’s kid, then you will know what steam is and how it changed the way we play video games. From physical Gameboy to a virtual store where you can purchase and play any game you want. Steam is a digital distribution gaming platform developed by Valve Corporation, it is meant for pro gamers only, but the quick inception of smartphones changed steam as a social networking service and game streaming platform for everyone. This features created helped the company to grow into millions, and it still the number one platform for the video game.

In Steam, if a user wants to play his favorite game, he or she needs to purchase it from the steam shop first. So you can buy these video games and its accessories with your credit, debit card, net banking, and steam gift cards. In terms of gift cards, you can buy it from non-steam platforms as well. Still, paying for these gift cards, not good news for many of us. So in Giftcardprizes.com, we have three different steam gift cards, those are $10, $25, and $50. So user can select any of these cards and generate their code on their own and don’t need to pay any fee. So once you got the code, all you need to do is to just enter the codes in the payment page where you can see “Apply gift card codes,” and that’s it! You have now purchased a game from the steam shop without paying a single penny spending. Go ahead, play your favorite games forever free!

Free Unused Steam Gift Card Codes Generator

3. Google Play

Google Play Free Gift Card Generator

If you can say, what are the top 3 technological marvels that changed your life, and I am sure, Google will be in the top of your list. Google is a search engine for the internet, and you will able find everything is in the world and people in it. Not only making our lives more connected and helped to share the knowledge with each other but also gave more reason to use our smartphones daily. Google is a giant tech company with hundreds of products and services delivered to all over the world. Once the smartphone entered into the market, Google created a platform called Play Store, a home of mobile applications. So every Android runs smartphone in the world can find and download their favorite apps from this play store. Play store is always free, but some of the apps in the store needed the purchase before downloading.

Google play store is a platform with millions of apps and games for anyone who has an Android OS running phone. To purchase some of the apps in the store, you need to buy with credit, debit card, coupon codes, or gift cards. We know it is hard to find the authentic gift codes for free, so we at giftcardprizes.com we have made the best gift card generator google play store, and it is 100% free. We got you three types of gift cards, those are $10, $25 and $50. So, you can easily generate an unlimited number of gift cards you want and put it in the payment page. So these gifts cards are totally free to use and no restriction on how many time you use it. Here you go to play store, download your favorite apps you want and enjoy your cash free life.

Free Unused Google Play Gift Card Codes Generator

4. Roblox

Roblox Free Gift Card Generator

As we all know, Fortnite and PUBG became the game of this generation. But if you turned back a little further a few years ago, there was Roblox, a first self-customizable game where users can create their own stories. Simply to put, it was the first Minecraft world, where the player can do anything they want in this game. You can also play other players stories in Roblox, it’s totally awesome. Even though Roblox is free to play the game, some advanced features and accessories are in pay to use option. You can purchase these accessories with a credit card and gift cards from anywhere in the world.

Not everyone can afford to get the gift cards in the long run, so we at giftcardprizes.com, we present you the free Roblox gift cards to purchase anything you want from the shop. We do have $10 and $25 gift cards available now, and we planned to add more in the future. You can start to generate these free Roblox gift cards from our portal and enjoy the game for free forever.

Free Unused Roblox Gift Card Codes Generator

5. Xbox

Xbox Free Gift Card Generator

When it comes to gaming consoles, Xbox is the leading contender of all. This Microsoft owned gaming console is a leading gaming platform and a worldwide player community. A player can play games once he or she purchased from Microsoft store online. Xbox is known for its best Xbox games like Mortal Combat, Assasins greed, Grand theft auto, Fortnite, PUBG, and many more. So it is worth a purchase if you are game addict, with 4k quality streaming with many useful features updated every month, Xbox one is the best gaming console you can ever buy. To purchase games or accessories from Microsoft store, there are few options like credit & debit card, and gift coupon codes. So players can get their favorite games with a few clicks and start play in a few minutes. To help the gaming community, we at Giftcardprizes.com – the best gift card generator online bring you the free gift cards that you can use to buy anything from the Microsoft store.

So now you don’t need to search for your credit card number whenever you need to get something from Xbox platform, but just need to generate a free Xbox gift code from our best gift card generator tool, and you can get your stuff right away without paying a single penny. Awesome isn’t! Start your battle in your favorite game world right away.

Free Unused Xbox Gift Card Codes Generator

6. iTunes

iTunes Free Gift Card Generator

We all can agree that our life will not move without our smartphones, and the companies made these possible is considered as some kind of god in the tech industry. In this list, Apple is at the number one spot of their sales, they have created an ecosystem where users can access anything from their phone. iPhones are our new friend, and we are more addicted for it is user experience. You can buy your favorite apps, books, movies, and songs from iTunes, which is the shopping center for all digital stuff.

The popular option to purchase anything from the iTunes store is the famous iTunes gift cards, and now you can get this free from our Gift card prizes portal. With unlimed free gift card generator, iTunes is easy to get with a simple click in the gift card generator tool. So, from next time when you plan to buy something from the iTunes store, no need to think, just spin the gift card generator tool and get your favorite stuff for free forever.

Free Unused iTunes Gift Card Codes Generator

7. Visa

Visa Free Gift Card Generator

The most common thing that connects human is money, which is the reason there are a government and a society. Money connects us with others by transferring and buying. In the current world, 50% of the cash transfers done by Visa, a multi-national financial service corporation that provides credit card and debit card transfer facilities to the most number of banks in the world. Using the Visa card, you can do online shopping, and in a single swipe at your local store, you can buy anything you want. The Visa gift cards help you get the things you want without paying a single penny. Check our free visa gift card generator tool and find your codes to get stuff for free.

Free Unused Visa Gift Card Codes Generator

8. eBay

eBay Free Gift Card Generator

Online shopping is growing so fast and reached to the peak level in recent years, reasons mostly because of the internet availability and smartphone inception. But it was so slow at initially, few companies made this possible and created a customer trust, which helped to gain more users rapidly. In this list, eBay is a well known online shopping website with more than 120 million users around the world and their bidding before a purchase is the most known feature all over the world. So usually you can get anything from eBay with your credit & debit card and gift cards. To help our online communities, we at Giftcardprizes.com, created a tool that can find and generate the best gift codes for eBay. This free gift card generator tool is the most helpful tool in recent times and day-by-day the number of users increases rapidly. So don’t let your free eBay gift card to go vain, start spinning the tool and find your perfect gift code for free now.

Free Unused eBay Gift Card Codes Generator

9. Paypal

Paypal Free Gift Card Generator

As we discussed earlier, money is one thing that connects us to more common worldwide. Transferring money from one end to another part of the world is not an easy task, but it made possible because of PayPal, the most loved international money converter and transfer app. PayPal is a leader in global money transfer space with small fees as a service charge. It is easy and straightforward to use, and you can transfer, and you can purchase movie tickets, groceries..etc. PayPal gift cards are created to give your loved one the best gift on their special occasion to buy anything they want from worldwide. In Gift card prizes, we love giving and helping our community with all the premium stuff for free. So around the world, people shared their unused PayPal gift card codes with us, and we created this free gift card generator tool for you. You can generate a code and put in the payment page to get the deduction from the total payment. Save your money with this simple tool and get your free PayPal gift card code now.

Free Unused Paypal Gift Card Codes Generator

10. Netflix

Netflix Free Gift Card Generator

In recent years, the entertainment industry changed over the course from big screens to small screens, from CDs to live stream services. This is all because of the unstoppable growth of the internet and other technology adoption in households. Netflix, a digital streaming platform for this generation. With its lightning speed streaming technology, Netflix is the number one streaming platform in the world. You can watch the latest movies, tv shows, and cool documentary’s from anywhere you want, all you need is an internet connection.

To get this awesome connection, there is a monthly subscription fee that you need to pay, and it changes according to the country you live in. But not everyone ready to pay these fees, so our hackers and the tech community around the world shared their unused codes for Netflix to help the remaining community members. So you just generate the new codes and apply in the Netflix gift card option, that’s it, you are ready to enjoy your unlimited Netflix now.

Free Unused Netflix Gift Card Codes Generator

11. PlayStation

PlayStation Free Gift Card Generator

In the gaming world, many platforms are making their own video games, accessories, but none of them stayed relevantly and more entertaining like Playstation does. PlayStation is the biggest gaming platform and a video game console making company owned by Sony Corporation. They have made some of the best video games like Uncharted, Red Dead Redemption, call of duty, and more. People love Playstation more because of its coolness and their upgrades each year. Their new PS4 is sold over 71 million units till now, including slim and pro models.

Once you created an account in PS4, you can purchase any game you want from hundreds of games in store. To make it easier for you, our online gift card generator brings you the unused gift vouchers that can save you ton of money from your pocket. Using these gift codes, you can shop all new games and accessories without any issue. All these codes ($10, $25 & $50) are 100% real and authentic, so no need to worry if one doesn’t work, because it may be used by someone, so try again and generate a new one, it is free and unlimited.

Free Unused PlayStation Gift Card Codes Generator

12. GameStop

GameStop Free Gift Card Generator

Gaming becomes got more attention in these past few centuries because of their technological upgrade and the easy access to buy their gaming consoles. More and more, the gadgets become much cooler and getting a better user experience. This is where Gamestop became the hub of all gaming industry. GameStop is a Texas-based gaming products retailer, located more than 700 retail stores in the US. You can shop anything from the joystick to the new Nintendo Switch, and all the latest games as well. Like a physical store, they accept credit & debit cards, gift cards, and newly Bitcoins. So if you are searching for the free GameStop gift cards online, then you are at the right place. Check our free gift card generator tool and get your $10, $25 and $50 coupon codes for free.

Free Unused GameStop Gift Card Codes Generator

13. Subway

Subway Free Gift Card Generator

With all the machine life, we run behind money and never take a day off. Unless if you have friends who love to going out and have fun every week. With Uber eats making our life much more comfortable and we can get anything we want in just 2 clicks. When it comes to eating out, one of the best to go is Subway, a fast food restaurant with over thousands of restaurants all over the world. Subway is famous for its breakfasts, sandwich, and salads. People love the taste of the hot bun melt in your mouth, and you can taste the best sandwich in the world. What if we say, you can buy these tasty treats for free with our gift cards and no need to pay anything. The goal is to collect those unused subway gift cards from our community and give it to those who are in need. It is a simple way of helping the world with gifts. Check out the free Subway gift card in our gift code generator tool and enjoy your unlimited breakfast now.

Free Unused Subway Gift Card Codes Generator

14. Best Buy

Best Buy Free Gift Card Generator

Online shopping is become part of our life now, no need to travel, no need to see your seller, but just select, pay, and it will be delivered to your house in a short time. The wonder of technological marvel is about making people lives easier and smarter. Even though there is a massive uptrend in the online shopping industry, people still prefer to go to physical stores and get satisfied with their purchase. One of the popular stores people love is Best Buy, a multi-national consumer electronics retailer with billion dollar revenue. They offer a variety of purchase option, like credit & debit card, best buy card, gift cards, and coupons as well. So if you are planning to purchase from Best Buy, we have something awesome for you. In Giftcardprizes.com, we collect those unused coupon and gift cards around the world and giving to those who search for. So, you can save your money in each purchase with our all-time free best buy gift cards from our best gift card generator tool.

Free Unused Best Buy Gift Card Codes Generator

15. Nike

Nike Free Gift Card Generator

Nike is one of the world’s best sports brand with hundreds of products that we all love. It is very well-know that you can buy Nike products online and their own showrooms all over the world. Usually, all Nike products are costly because of their superior quality of manufacturing. So, if you are one them who just dream about buying one but delay it because of financial instability, then this one is for you. We at Giftcardprizes.com collected the unused gift card codes from all over the world and built an excellent tool called free gift card generator, where user can generate gift codes for unlimited times. At present we have $100, $250 and $500 gift cards available on our platform, which is a huge money saver for anyone. So, do wait up, because we have very limited free Nike gift cards on the store now, get your right away!

Free Unused Nike Gift Card Codes Generator

16. Spotify

Spotify Free Gift Card Generator

The world is peaceful because there is music that keeping us more human and takes our pain away sometimes. Music gives the boost we need sometimes, and nowadays you have millions of songs in your smartphone. One of the best music streaming app called Spotify, a music streaming app with millions of songs and podcasts within it. With high-quality audio, seamless streaming ability makes Spotify the most loved app in the world. To enjoy the full features of Spotify, you need to become the premium user, which mean you need to pay to use their high-quality service. So this is not good news for most of us, and Giftcardprizes.com got your back. We have the experts and hackers who find and collect the unused Spotify gift cards, so we built the best gift cards code generator tool. In a couple of seconds, you can able to find your new Spotify gift codes and become a premium user of this app. Not a single penny you need to pay from your pocket, just spin the tool and get your free code right away. Get your favorite music albums with free of cost, start streaming, and enjoy your unlimited fun.

Free Unused Spotify Gift Card Codes Generator

17. Starbucks

Starbucks Free Gift Card Generator

Whatever changes in our life, there few things stays the same, my first example is coffee. We all love coffee, at least most of us in the world, and sometimes the day will not be complete without a perfect coffee. When we talk about the best coffee in the morning, Starbucks is the first thing to come to my mind. The fresh aroma of coffee bean will wake you up from inside and keep you alert for the whole day. Starbucks is a coffee chain, located around the world and serving millions of coffee every day. Even though Starbucks coffee is a bit high, people love it because of its taste good.

Keeping the price higher is Starbucks secret of making money, and even the layman knows it is hard to afford to get the coffee from here every day. But we have a solution for you, and it is a cost-free method. Our community collected the unused free Starbucks gift cards around the world and passing to those who are looking for, like you. It is not easy to find the free Starbucks gift cards, and out gift card generator tool is a handiest and can use it for an unlimited time. Just click the “Generate gift codes,” and you will get the new codes every time, and you can able to save $10 to $50 in your coffee. So start your morning with a cup of joe and save your bucks for the bucket list.

Free Unused Starbucks Gift Card Codes Generator

18. Fandango

Fandango Free Gift Card Generator

It’s Friday night, and you are planning to go for a movie with your date, where do you go to book your tickets? Simple, Fandango is the largest movie ticket booking platform with millions of users every day. You can book your latest movies from desktop, or mobile apps within a few seconds. This online platform accepts credit & debit cards, gift cards, and coupon codes as payment options, making thing easier for users. So if you are waiting for your favorite upcoming movie, then here is your chance to get the tickets for free. No kidding, it's true, and you don’t need to spend a single penny from your pocket anymore. Long live the free gift card generator! A coolest free gift card generator that you can get all the free unused Fandango coupon codes for free. Use your free codes and get your movie tickets from anywhere forever free.

Free Unused Fandango Gift Card Codes Generator

19. Uber

Uber Free Gift Card Generator

Everything that was unreachable before now it is in our palm of our hand. Our smartphone made our life much easier and shorten our time. Uber is the best example for helping us to reach from one point to another point without any hassle. Just like all the other necessary apps in our life, uber is became the top of the list. No need to pay extra or tips, just pas as you go, that Uber’s motive. As usual, using the app is free, but booking a cap for your ride added as a fee. You can pay with Uber app wallet, credit or debit card, and gift cards. So the multiple options are good news for us, but if you are a regular traveler, then you need a big pocket. But we have a solution, check out our online free gift card generator tool which can get you the new gift codes each day and don’t need to pay anything from your pocket. All these codes are free and collected from our community of Uber users so you can use the codes without any doubt. Grab your gift cards now and uber it forever!

Free Unused Uber Gift Card Codes Generator

20. MasterCard

MasterCard Free Gift Card Generator

If you are a user of credit or debit card, then you don’t need an introduction for MasterCard. It is a money transfer company with nearly a billion users around the world. Know for their faster service and trustable products, Mastercard is the best money transfer platform for both business and individuals. You can shop with MasterCard from anywhere in the world, there is no restriction of hidden fees. Also, our latest MasterCard gift cards can help you save a ton of money in shopping by adding free cash in your wallet. Our hardworking community of tech experts, hackers, and users around the world collected and built this free gift card generator tool for you. You can generate gift cards from $20, $50 and $100 and it is all for free. The great news isn’t, wait for more, you can generate an unlimited number of codes for free of cost. So why wait, start your shopping with our free MasterCard gift cards and spread the word for others too.

Free Unused MasterCard Gift Card Codes Generator

21. Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts Free Gift Card Generator

“ If you had a bad day, then let’s have some donuts” a famous tv show line that makes the reality truer. When you talk about donuts, then the first thing that comes to our mind is Dunkin Donuts, a donut producer and a coffee chain located around the world and treating customers with its tasty sweets. Dunkin Donuts serves more than 50 different variety of donuts in their shop, and you can taste each one and know all are very unique. So if you love dunking donuts like me, then you are in for a treat, our free gift card generator tool is gonna help you get donate free forever. We are not joking, as we have mentioned in our previous paragraphs, we have collected the unused Dunkin donuts gift cards around the world and help our community to get free donuts. Just spin the gift generator and get your free donut codes within a few seconds. Apply these codes in the final payment page and place your order, that’s it! You can enjoy the tasty donuts without spending a single penny from your pocket.

Free Unused Dunkin' Donuts Gift Card Codes Generator

22. The Home Depot

The Home Depot Free Gift Card Generator

Making your home beautiful is part of your job and no other better place to buy the things that make it real, other than the most popular home improvement chain, The Home Depot. It is a hub of all things every house needed with the lowest price with great offers. So it is time for you to remodel your house, and you don’t need to pay a single penny from your hand. You can get these free gift cards and can use to buy anything from this online store for free. Yes, with over a million users in our community collected those unused gift cards from all over the world. This can help a lot of families to improve their home and life. So if you are one of them, here is your chance to renewing your house with new stuff for free of cost. Go to the below link, generate your free home depot gift code and start adding your favorite things in your card for the purchase. There is no fee or spammy ads that get you annoyed. So keep your carts open and generate your free gift cards right away.

Free Unused The Home Depot Gift Card Codes Generator

23. Nordstorm

Nordstorm Free Gift Card Generator

Who doesn’t love new dresses and jewelry right? We are all addict to that gloomy and glittering stuff. Their hundreds of premium fashion store in both online and offline, but only a few stands in our memory for long term. Nordstorm, an online fashion retailer with some of the best in class dresses and heals that you will fall in love right away. With over a million users shopping every month, Nordstorm is the right place to shop for your loved one. As we have mentioned already, these are all premium category fashion accessories with a premium cost category. So if you think this is not the right choice for you, then we got your back. Try our online free gift card generator tool and get all those unused gift card codes for free. These gift cards are raged from $100, $250 and $500, so testing more than one gift card can get you the full benefit. Once you get the code, apply these codes in the payment page at gift cards option and get the deduction from the total cost for free. We are sure this can save you a ton of money, and you can shop more products without any hesitation. So are you ready to upgrade your lifestyle with our free nordstorm gift cards? Le’s dive into the world of fashion!

Free Unused Nordstorm Gift Card Codes Generator


We hope all these 23 most popular free gift cards can help your life much cost saver and give you satisfaction. We help our community with free gift cards, coupons, and vouchers without any expectation. And our hard working team will update all new gift cards regularly so you can spread the word to your friends and family. Keep signup with our email newsletters and social media to get the latest updates on new gift cards so you won’t get left behind. Finally, comment on your feedback and thoughts in the comment section, and our team can do best to get you what you need.